It’s Time to Rock the House and Generate Massive Profits by Hiring a Professional Copywriter!
Make Your Sales Skyrocket With First-class Copy!

Selling online is tough.

Even if you have a superior product, you still need the right words to sell it to your audience.

It’s not easy to find the words that you need to turn your prospects into customers.

In fact, if you don’t have the experience, the skills or the time, copywriting can cause you MANY midnight headaches.

Here’s the bottom line…

Regardless of what others say, hiring a good copywriter is the key to making your product or service stand out from the crowd, while making money in the process (isn’t that what we are here for?).

Without a doubt, putting your sales letter into the hands of a professional copywriter can be a lifesaver.

My name is Ethan Chong and I’m an internet marketer who has written professional copies for hundreds of customers like you – and when it comes to copywriting  I know a thing or two.

I understand how hard it’s to turn your prospects into customers.

This Is What Is Waiting For You If You Decide To Work With Me Today
  • An extreme conversion rate. Watch how visitors start to take action on your website when they are driven by persuasive and seductive wording, all while you sit back and watch the sales and opt-ins roll in!
  • Money (and lots of it). I know exactly how to emotionally reach your prospects (remember that emotions drive logic) and make them purchase even the most expensive product/service.
  • Professionalism. No more deceptions. I’m sure you are tired of amateur copywriters letting you down all the time by never making your deadlines or by delivering inferior copy. No more excuses and wasted time. I’m like an Englishman, always punctual.
Copywriting Services that I Offer

Marketing Emails: This is not a secret; if you communicate with your subscribers and you are persuasive, you will generate lots of income. You can obtain professional marketing emails for just $40 each (approximately 150 words). Delivery time: 3 days.

Adwords/PPC Ads: Send your CTR through the roof with effective, attention-grabbing ads for just $10 each. Delivery time: 24 hours.

Video sales letters scripts: These have become very popular and if you want to jump on the video sales letter bandwagon this is what you’re looking for. Start generating MORE sales for just $250 (approximately 1,000 words). Delivery time: 7 days.

Web copy: Deliver your message as easy as 1-2-3. Brag about a website that not only is well written and structured, but also that brings in profits day in and day out! You can get inexpensive and mind-blowing web copy for just $125 for each page (approximately 500 words). Delivery time: 7 days.

Landing Pages: Landing pages are the first thing your visitors are going to see when they arrive at your website. Needless to say, the first impression always counts, and so does having the right wording. Get your landing page today for just $150 (approximately 800 words). Delivery time: 7 days.

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